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        About us


        ANHUI JUXING STEEL INDUSTRY CO.,LTD. was founded in 1985, the total investment 50 million, covers an area of 30000 square meters. Main production series stainless steel seamless tube, welding tube, stainless steel products, round steel, steel ingot, waste pipe; Products are widely used in petrochemical, building, food, medicine, electric power industries. Annual production stainless steel seamless tube 12000 tons, welded pipe 3000 tons, the company now has ¢76 mm perforation units. LB-5 T to LB-200 T cold drawing machine 6 sets, LD60-1 H cold rolling mill line article 2, LG-30-H production line 3. And equipped with solid solution, pickling, after finishing up the auxiliary production facilities, can meet the production of specifications of the steel pipe from the group. The detection means complete, chemical, mechanical, metallurgical, water pressure, nondestructive testing, to ensure that all kinds of the quality of the products...

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